"Lemonade: Detroit" - 17-minute short. from Erik Proulx on Vimeo.

Lemonade: Detroit

Detroit (wwj) – Detroit: the land of opportunity? Boston documentary filmmaker Erik Proulx thinks so. Proulx is working on “Lemonade: Detroit” a documentary about people in the City of Detroit who are finding great opportunity in the economic downturn.

Artists, entrepreneurs and  those who’ve been laid off are all finding they can take the moment of despair at being laid off and turn it into a moment of great opportunity.

“Detroit is one of the most inspiring places on the planet” says Proulx who says he discovered a treasure trove of stories when he was talking with a group of laid off workers.

They told him they were finally free to discover what they really wanted to do.


The People Mover is an elevated transit rail line that circles the downtown area providing a great look at Detroit and chance encounters with local artists, performers, poets, and chefs. This video is an extraordinary glimpse at the talent and spirit that is Detroit. 

4exit4 Productions presents the premiere of People Mover, a short film capturing 24 local artists, cooks, thinkers and musicians as they came together to showcase Detroit’s spirit, performing inside the train one day in April.

Hanging Gardens

Ryan Schirmang’s vision for a vertical garden to hang in abandoned buildings of Detroit. Greening of Detroit and Team Detroit helped in organizing the project, volunteers, and plant research. The start-up location for this project was at the Forest Arms Building where Wayne State students and local residence lived before a fire displaced everyone living there. The hanging garden project is the start of renewal for the Forest Arms Building.

Back in March 2011 as a class we got to meet Ryan Schirmang and talk to him about his time in Detroit and his passion for the city.    

Traveling the 14th Congressional District

After the loss of population in the state of Michigan and Detroit from the 2010 US Census, a Gerrymandering solution of reshaping District 14 has caused both concern and hope for the residents within its track. The new District 14 spreads from forgotten Delray to a developed Grosse Pointe and then up around the slowly recovering Pontiac. A political knot to combine a diverse set of communities together.   

The Detroit News reports on recent developments on the Detroit Riverfront, and the challenges that remain, including what to do with the Globe Building. (Video above, click the link for the related article.)


This is a blog on Detroit that one of my classmates from undergrad has started. 

The Detroit News - March 28, 2011

Decaying Central Depot to get spruce-up

About time don’t you say, eh.